Wednesday, 14 January 2015

Love or hate? benefit big easy bigger than bb

Hello everyone welcome back to my blog. Remember when I showed you what I bought on my shopping trip? Well I showed you the benefit bb cream (I am going to call it that the name is such a mouth full) Anyway I have been using it for about 2/3 weeks now and have developed an opinion on it. And i want to share it with you. Because it is a bb cream you cant expect massive coverage from it. Its going to be a light to medium coverage and it will make you look very natural like your not wearing anything and that is the whole idea of it.

                                            What it looks like on my face 
Very blurry but this is the result very natural I get the colour 05 beige I do fake tan sometimes so I was matched to this colour. But it does match with out tan:) 
I had a few little spots on my forehead and this is how they covered them I think it's pretty good for a bb cream!

The packaging is so pretty and cute benefit never fail when it comes to cute packaging. But is the product any good? After paying  £27.50 for this product which is a pricey amount for a bb cream you would hope so.  I am happy with this product it feels great on my skin unlike some other foundations that can feel very heavy and cakey. This feels so lightweight I forget I am wearing makeup! 
If I have a blemish I go and put a second layer on and it still looks natural so this product is very build able. I apply my benefit porfessional before bb cream to make it last all day and reduce the sight of my pores. Overall I would rate this product 5/5

Coverage out of 5: 3.5 it's not the greatest product for coverage because it is not designed to cover lots of blemishes it's just there to perfect your skin a little.

Application out of 5: 5 it glides on the skin so well I use my fingers it is a lot better than using a brush as I have tried them both. Also it does say to apply with fingers.

Lasting time out of 5: 5 with my primer it last so long I do not have to touch it up which is great. Without primer I'm not sure so I would reccomend using a primer.

               What do you think would you try this product? let me know

By the way I am sorry about the lack of posts I am struggling as I have a stupid virus on my computer so I have to write it all out on my iPad :(

                                                                         Lauren x