Wednesday, 7 January 2015

Weekday notes New years resolutions

Hello everyone I decided to write a nice chatty post today I didn't honestly feel like taking lots of photos and perfecting them because im made up with a cold (meh). But I still wanted to write a post so anyway ill get into it. So we have started 2015 and everybody at this time has some sort of New years resolution normally its the same every year get fit and eat healthy. Mine is sort of that I made only 2 this year because lets be honest the more you make you just don't stick to them so its best to keep it short and simple.

I have made a resolution to drink more. You may think this is so weird and boring but I do have this really bad habit of not drinking hardly anything. And I suffer from It big time by getting lots of headaches and feel rubbish. So I have got lots of bottled water in because I hate tap water and I have been drinking at least 2 600ml bottles a day which is great. I defiantly feel so much better and my skin has improved massively I love the new smart water its so nice and fresh I drink lots of it.

Resolution 2 eat healthy I already eat pretty much healthy most of the time but I really want to be more adventurous with food and replace bad snacks with fruit. A lot of people do struggle to stick to it but I think the best way to stick to is to not be so strict. Allow your self  a treat at the weekend the more you ban things the more you crave them.

I'm loving detox tea! 

Detox teas are so nice you would expect them to taste horrible but I was surprised. I have 1 in a morning and 1 before I go to bed many celebs drink these because they have so many benefits. The tea has Dandelion and burdock, sage, ginger, peppermint and spearmint it creates a really nice taste. It says 'This tea will help refresh your system from the inside giving you the kick-start you need.
its also caffeine free! if your thinking of trying herbal teas try these you can get them at all supermarkets.

What New years resolutions have you made this year let me know in the comments
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