Weekend summary meet Lou-Lou

Hiya everyone welcome back to my blog today I really wanted to introduce you to my Nanan's new puppy Lou-Lou. Congrats to me for thinking of the name I think it's so cute and suits her so well. She is crossed between a pug  and  a frenchbull dog. We all love her so much and have really taken to her. she's the cutest little thing. So I took my camera up and took this opportunity to take some really nice pictures. I am quite impressed with them they've turned out lovely and she was looking perfectly at the camera. 




How cute bet your'e saying aw to a lot of these pictures right? She's such a little character and I think Lou Lou suits her so much.

As for my Saturday summary I haven't done a big deal just spent some time at my granddad (it's his birthday today!)

Seen my nanan (and Lou-Lou) and now I'm just watching tv and having a dominos pizza later yum! so all in all a very nice chilled day I'm so glad the snow and ice is finally going here!

What have you been up to and let me know what you think of Lou-Lou in the comments x

                                                                 Lauren x