How to: quick side bun

Hello everyone welcome back to my blog! So for the longest time I have been wearing my hair 
Down all the time and curly. To be honest I've got very bored of it so I wanted to experiment with my hair a little. A year a go I used to have my hair different everyday now I just seem to chose one style and stick with that. But I am going to wear my hair different from time to time. I used to have side buns and messy buns in my hair a lot. This hair style works for any occasion make it messier for casual days and neater for days when you're going somewhere nice or fancy.

How to:  firstly pick the side you want your bun to sit. 
Once you have chosen the side make a side pony as high or low as you like I have put mine slightly low.
Once you have secured the side pony get a hair donut they are amazing I get mine from primark for £1!  Now put the donut through the hair and cover the donut with your hair. Begin to wrap all the hair around the donut creating the shape. I then take another hair tie and wrap it around the bun to keep it really secure.
If there are any bits that hang out  just use some grips and hairspray 
For my fringe I sort of used the fishtail method but did it very quick and messy I then pulled out some side bits so it didn't look to neat. 

This day I wore the bun a little neater and higher up you can change it as much as you like!

So quick and easy!

Would you wear this hairstyle let me know In the comments
Lauren x