Wednesday, 4 February 2015

Worth a read or not? Girl online review.


Hi everybody, welcome back to another post on my blog. Today I really wanted to write a brief review on the new novel by Zoe sugg. I do love reading books from time to time but it has to really get me gripped into the story to get me to carry on reading. I have to admit I have read other books before and never ended up finishing them because they just bored me. So, I like good Imaginative stories with twists. When I got this I picked it up and started reading it straight away. I couldn't put it down I finished the book very quickly. I love how the story really relates to teenagers today. It targets issues such as growing up, boys and anxiety. It's really funny In some parts and really heartwarming in others. It also talks about 'modern problems' (well they aren't really problems but we think they are)  Like which emoji should I use or how many kisses on the  end of texts -  let's be honest we have all thought about that right?

Instead of portraying teenage years to be amazing and great, Zoe has actually put many truths about growing up and being a teenager. I like how it's not always happy endings its actually realistic. I actually wanted to read this book the most because it is about a teenager with a blog and I felt I could relate to the character Penny. She has an anonymous blog, which only her one true friend knows about. She keeps it a secret and that is exactly what I did at first but now I am very happy to share my blog with friends. In the end I loved how her friends found out about her blog and she thought this would be bad. But actually, she found out some of her friends actually read her blog. I am not going into a lot of detail In the story because I think people should go read it for themselves and get their own opinion on it. I also loved how Zoe made the character into somebody who's dealing with panic attacks. Although it is a novel I felt she put a little bit of her life in there with the panic attacks. I think this book is great for people who are dealing with panic attacks, so they know they're not alone. I think this book is mainly targeted at teenagers but I don't see why somebody older couldn't read it. I think they would enjoy it the same and relate to it by comparing the story to their teenage years.

Overall I really enjoyed this book and I couldn't put it down. And I do find it very hard to find a book to enjoy so much I would rate this 5/5 I think all teenage girls should read this you will be surprised how much you can relate!

         Have you read this book or would you? let me know in the comments
                                                                Lauren x