Sunday, 15 March 2015

Birthday haul.

Just a quick disclaimer this post is not me bragging at all I just thought you would be interested I know how I like reading these types of posts so I really wanted to write my own. If I don't do it now then well I will have to wait till next year for my birthday. So for my birthday I ended up with some money to spend because some people really didn't know what to get me and I am really thank full. Thankyou to everybody who wished me happy birthday, gave me a card, money or presents. Its not about the big gifts and the expensive things its the thought it makes me happy when people take time out to just wish me happy birthday so thankyou I really appreciate it.
First outfit
blouse/shirt- Primark
blazer- New look
trousers- Primark

 This foundation is my all time favourite its definitely worth its money.

The shade I get my foundation in

 I love this top from new look

Turtle neck sort of crop top from new look

Love these trousers from Zara they're so comfy!

My beautiful bag I am in love with from new look you can also have it on a long strap which cam with it instead of carrying it on your arm.

Juicy couture perfume set which came with all these goodies inside!

Love this top from new look the detail is so pretty

 These trousers have to been my favourite I love the ripped knee
from new look

 Love these loafers from new look

 Love these loafers from zara

Thankyou for reading let me know what you think in the comments x
lauren x

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