Friday notes 06.03.15



Hiya! everyone welcome back to my blog i really wanted to get a lifestyle type of post up today. Because I want to make more of an effort to write these sort of posts I enjoy writing them and I hope you enjoy reading them!

Life// I am going to sound pretty boring but not much has actually been happening well nothing new anyway:( well, apart from I've been thinking about my birthday a lot more this week seen as it is next Friday. Its crazy how quick its crept up I am actually quite excited now at first I am not going to lie I was not interested, kind of playing the ignorant person constantly making out that i forgot about my birthday. But deep down i do care and i want to make sure nobody has forgotten (ha ha). Anyway on the day I'm thinking of just going shopping at Meadowhall maybe, then going out for a really nice meal at night so yes it should be a decent day.

Music// This week I have been listening to so many new songs but 3 have just stood out to me so much I just love them they get me very excited for summer and they just get me in the mood to go on holiday! Anyway... these songs are... King by years and years i just love the music to this its so good its sort of a dance/ r&b type of music i am sorry if i am wrong i am very terrible at categorising music and describing them. But if your forever waiting for summer you should check it out. The next one is When the beat drops (matoma tropical remix) by Marlon Roudette this song definitely gives of the summer tropical vibes when you listen to this song you instantly picture a beautiful tropical beach. Great to imagine with typical rubbish English weather meh:(.   The final one is Say something by Karen Harding this song is great the amount of times i have replayed it seriously. It is sort of a club type of soundtrack its great and i heard Karen Harding was on the  X factor but didn't actually make it to the judges houses! well she has definitely proved the judges wrong she is very talented.

Beauty//  Make up wise i have been loving my naked on the run palette honestly i am in love with it Urban Decay really know what they're doing when it comes to eyeshadow! For foundation i have been loving my Vichy foundation its a new one i have never tried before but i just adore it. It gives such amazing coverage along with my avon ideal flawless cream concealer.

                      What do you think to these type of posts? let me know in the comments
                                                                                 Lauren x