Friday, 20 March 2015

Friday notes 20.03.15

Hello everyone welcome back to my blog today I decided to do another one of my Friday notes posts I will actually be posting these every Friday because I really enjoy writing them. From my last post I got quite a positive response so that made me even more determined to write them every Friday. I feel like these posts are more relaxed and it just gives you a bit of detail into my life including my week, likes and dislikes, beauty and music.

Life// I am trying to make a commitment to my blog by blogging every Wednesday, Friday and Sunday. This gives me a schedule with my blog and makes my posts more planned. Also it's more helpful for readers because they know when to check my blog. Every Friday like I said you will be getting this Friday notes post. Wednesday and Sunday's well you will just have to wait and see!

Music// I love Alex Adair make me feel better

Music//  Phillip George Wish you were mine.

Music//  Axwell Ingrosso Something New.
The app I use on my iphone and ipad for music is Sound Cloud.

Beauty//  Avon eyebrow kit in soft brown I really love this eyebrow kit its amazing for filling in sparse areas in my brows. They look really natural. I have fairly thick eyebrows but I do have the odd sparse area I like to fill in. I also love that it comes with a wax to set your brows in place!

Beauty//  I have heard a lot about this new foundation and at first I  have to admit I was very confused about it. Because the texture of it is very watery and it has a serum in the foundation. So this made me imagine my self with super oily skin but nope, this foundation does not do that at all. It actually makes your skin look flawless it covers every single blemish in sight. It melts into your skin effortlessly so you're not there blending and blending for hours.

Beauty//  I love this simple eye shadow look I have been wearing its just the colour Resist and Fix from my Urban decay Naked on the run palette. I used my Maybelline dream flawless nude foundation and it gives such a amazing result. Its a good foundation when I don't want to use my Mac foundation.

What do you think of this post let me know in the comments I love reading them x
Lauren x