Wednesday, 22 April 2015

5 places i want to visit.

Hello everyone and welcome back to my blog, today I really wanted to write all about the places I want to visit. I have seen many bloggers write this a lot now and I really enjoy reading them, its really nice to know where people want to go. Lets be honest we all would love to travel the world and who would refuse the opportunity, because I know I wouldn't. Its also nice to find out why people want to travel to these places and you often find out you have a lot in common and some of them you would want to travel to as well.

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1. Iceland
I would love to go see the northern lights it seems such an amazing opportunity. I would love to be able to view this up close instead of just seeing other peoples pictures, it would be great to take your own and have it as an experience. It's not really classed as a 'traditional holiday' normally meaning you would go somewhere sunny. I also think it would be such a great atmosphere gathered with people around you who want to see the same thing as you.
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2. New York
I would love to go to New York on holiday to do all the tourist stuff. I would love to go up the statue of liberty and the empire state building go shopping and take in the scenery. I would love to go at Christmas time I have said this for many years. It seems so festive and your more a less guaranteed a little bit of snow for Christmas day. Um sorry for mentioning the 'C' word so early.
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3. Sydney Australia

I would love to visit Australia to be pacific Sydney I love the  scenery and how hot the weather is. It would be perfect to go there, the downside Is I really wouldn't want to come back. I would love to explore Sydney and see as much as I can.
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4. Malibu California

I love the look of Malibu everybody seems so laidback, Malibu has a lot of surfers and I think it would be fun to give it a try. The beach is so pretty and the sea is perfectly blue. I just think this place would be perfect to chill out and have fun.

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5. Santorini Greece

this place is so beautiful I love the old buildings they look so pretty and you can tell there is a lot of history behind them. Its a very warm place so it would be great to relax and take in all the beautiful scenery.

Where do you want to travel to? let me know in the comments