Firmoo glasses review.

Hello everyone welcome back to my blog, I know I don't usually post on my blog until Wednesday but I just had to make an exception today. I was recently contacted by Firmoo a glasses company asking if I wanted to review a pair of their glasses. Of cause i said yes, the hardest part of it though was going through all the glasses and picking one pair it was a hard choice as there are  so many lovely pairs. I ended up picking a lovely geek chic style, i love this style it is so in trend. And Firmoo really seem to know what's on trend when it comes to glasses. I picked the non prescription option because i didn't know much about my prescription lenses, but i could easily go to my optician and get them to fit me some prescription lenses. But if you're not completely forgetful like me and you know your prescription they will sort that all out for you Which is great.
 You look stylish but you're doing your eyes a whole lot of good. I would recommend Firmoo to anybody they're brilliant, pretty much any style you desire will be there. Also the shipping is super speedy it is coming from abroad but the glasses arrived in a few days. How great is that! overall i am so happy with these glasses and they have replaced my other pair.
This is the case you receive with the glasses, normally glasses cases are very boring and plain but i love the unique design of theirs.

(Close up picture of the design)
I love the unique pattern on these glasses i haven't seen anything like this before.

Inside the case you receive a cloth to wipe the lenses.

Also you receive a leather pouch for your glasses or for any other glasses you own. Inside includes a little screwdriver so you can repair or make adjustments to your glasses if necessary.

Obviously i had to include a picture of me actually wearing them, i really love this style.

What do you think to these glasses let me know in the comments