Friday, 17 April 2015

Friday notes 17.04.15

Hello everyone and welcome back to my blog its Friday hurray, so that means its time for another one of my Friday notes post. A look into my week and my thoughts its a very chatty post.

Recently I took a few pictures of my cats and I really wanted to make use of them so why not put them on my blog its not like I do it all the time (Yeah i kind of do ha ha)

I find this picture really funny.

Life// So as you can see by the random cat pictures I have been taking a lot of pictures a lately. Its something I really enjoy doing and its something I really need to practice and learn more about. This week has been the first week back to normal after the 2 week holiday the first Monday seemed to drag but then when I got back into to the routine it was fine. I found out that I passed my English exam which I am very happy about, I have been waiting quite a long time for these results and I were worrying quite a lot about it, Turns out I didn't need to worry!  This weekend I don't have too much planned I know that I am going to get my hair cut and I keep going back and fourth about getting a fringe or not. Because I really cant decide I am going to leave it I used to have a full fringe but I used to get bored of it very quick. So it looks like i'll just be going for a trim nothing interesting or exciting. My mum is having her hair highlighted so  I am looking forward to see what that will look like.

Blogs I am loving// I love reading blogs and i also love discovering new blogs, So here are the ones i am enjoying the most at the moment.

Velvetgh0st- I really enjoy reading Gabriella's posts also i love her YouTube channel i like the range of posts she writes. Its not all beauty, a lot of it's really nice life posts i love reading them. Her pictures are always amazing quality.

Stylesunrise- I really enjoy reading Karen's blog i love the makeup posts she writes her reviews are always honest and genuine and her pictures are always good quality.

Another Fashion Fanatic- I have been reading Taylor's blog for a while now and i really enjoy reading it. Her life posts about real issues are really well written and useful.

What blogs do you enjoy reading and do you have any plans this weekend? let me know in the comments!