Ghost anticipation review

Hello everyone welcome back to my blog today I thought I would give my thoughts on this perfume. As you must know on the amount of perfume reviews I am obsessed with finding a new beautiful scent. I normally go for Ghost sweetheart and I have been wearing that one for many years, but I received this one for my birthday and I really love it. It smells so fresh and clean and also very girly. I love it I always carry it with me in my bag and I have received some compliments on this perfume. Its a big 75ml bottle so it should last quite a while which is great.

The scent is Mandarin, orange, cranberry and violet. This combination works very well and as a fruity sort of floral scent its not overpowering and its not going to take your breathe its just a nice pretty scent perfect for summer.

Have you tried any of the ghost perfumes? let me know in the comments