Wednesday, 1 April 2015

How to overcome shyness!



Hello, everyone welcome back to my blog. Like I promised here is Wednesday's  post (Hurray!) Anyway I was thinking long and hard about what I should write about today, I really wanted to focus on more of a life post because I love writing them. So here is my advice on shyness I thought this was a great post to write because I know what its like and I am starting to overcome it which is great.

I used to find speaking to new people very difficult I never knew what to say and would overthink it far too much and end up not say anything. With moving classes a lot I have had to meet new people and yes it was hard at first to just go up and start talking to people, but once you start talking you feel so much better and relaxed. You can't always wait for them to come up to you, you might have to make the first move. This is a big one I have learnt, I always thought I should just let people come and speak to me. But think about it they may be the same so somebody has to speak! Take a step out of you comfort zone and just say hello. Today people who know me the most would laugh if I said I'm shy because its a totally different story when I'm with my family and friends. But if you're are dealing with shyness you can overcome it by pushing your self a little step a day. It may feel like a really scary big thing but just try, you will be shocked how much better you will feel when you overcome something.

This time last year I was the most shy person ever, and obviously I still am in new situations but because I've moved around a lot and met new people. I have started to become really good at it, like they say practice makes perfect!

Little steps to take to overcome shyness: Look approachable: if you look miserable, un happy and just like you really don't want to be where you are. Then it is obvious nobody is going to want to go up to approach you because you're not giving the right message out. People want to be around happy positive people not miserable people. 

Don't hide in the background: This is one I was famous for I always used to stay in the background and not input with things, its not because I didn't want to its because I was just very shy. But this gives a message to people that you're not bothered. It may sound silly but I used to find it very hard to be in front of cameras or hear my voice. But because I am in a media class I have to be I cant just stand in the background and not do anything. Slowly I started to get more and more involved and at first yes I am very shy/nervous about getting in front of a camera but once I get going you cant stop me!

Meet new people: Whether it be starting a class or getting to meet your friends, friends. Just start socializing more and get your self out there. This is something I have done a lot more of compared to last year and I am really glad I have because it gives you a lot more confidence In your self!

        What do you think of this post let me know in the comments I would love to hear them

                                                                            Lauren x