Wednesday, 8 April 2015

My new beauty secret i have to share!


Yes its coconut oil I have seriously fallen in love with this stuff its amazing and has so many benefits and uses.
I recently used it as a deep conditioner on my hair and I couldn't believe how shiny and soft my hair looked after. If my hair could speak it would most definitely thank me for it. I left it on my hair for 2hours you can leave it on overnight but 2hours was enough for me. Then you wash it of, now I am not going to lie I did have to wash my hair 3 times to get this oil out but it was worth it. You do not condition your hair after washing because you have used the coconut oil. I wouldn't recommend on using it too much I would use it once every couple of weeks or so. I just think its lovely to put some in your hair and have a proper pamper day/night. The coconut oil is solid but when you rub it into your hand it melts and you just put it in your hair.
And you can use this as a leave in conditioner by applying a very small amount to the ends of wet hair.

Also you can use it on your skin I am yet to try it on my skin but I will! I mainly got this product because I really felt my hair needed a little pick me up. I have tried many hair masks but you cannot beat this because its natural and there are no harsh chemicals.

I love this stuff and it was only £2 from super drug such a beauty bargain!


I feel like my hair looks much softer now and I actually think its so much better to style I love this stuff and I just had to tell you all about it

Would you try coconut oil? let me know in the comments