Sunday, 5 April 2015

Worth a buy or not? Soap and glory body sprays.

Hello everyone and Happy Easter! I hope you're spending it the exact same way as me. By eating lots of chocolate!
Anyway I've had these soap and glory sprays since Christmas now so I think I have gathered a good opinion on them to write a little review for you. They all have their own different scent ranging from day to night and that's what I really love about these. I love the different range of scents. So I thought I would review them all individually for you so here goes...

This scent makes me feel very girl with the floral scent. When I first read floral I thought it was going to be this very overpowering scent, but actually its very subtle and just nice. Its really light and not too strong at all. I think this scent is perfect for day time. It also smells very fresh and clean
 as do all the soap and glory products.

This smells so much like any soap and glory body butter or shower gel. This isn't actually made as a body spray its more of a moisturiser its that light of a scent I can get away with putting it on after a bath before bed. And it makes my skin feel really soft I love it. 

This spray is for the night you would save this one more for when you're going out somewhere special. I think this has a nice scent to it definitely a scent that would stand out in a good way. I love how clean and fresh it smells and how beautiful it is.This makes me feel very girly when I wear this I love it.

Would you try these sprays? let me know in the comments