Current mood.

Hello everyone welcome back to my blog today I thought I would talk a little about what I am thinking today its just a quick little notes style post. I want this post to come across as  very laid back, just talking about things going round in my head so expect a random post today. 
I love blogging and I always have had a big love for it, even before I started blogging my self I always enjoyed reading other peoples blog. But I have to admit its really becoming a challenge to come up with new unique ideas, it seems every subject has been covered. The main posts to be blogged are normally fashion and beauty posts I love writing them don't get me wrong but I want to step out of my comfort zone and write more personal and unique posts. I love just writing down all my little thoughts and ideas on here and having a bond between me and my readers. I still want to write a few fashion and beauty posts I enjoy them but I want to make my blog more lifestyle based. I just feel like there are so many of the same blog posts out there and you have to do something original and unique to make yours stand out from the rest.
I am looking forward to the week off college next week I am really ready for it, a lately I have just been feeling so tired and just lacking energy. So the break is really perking me back up! I hope the weather really picks up and gets really sunny so I can get out and enjoy the weather. It can be a tough decision when living in England, In the morning you don't know if to get all layered up or not. The weather can be very deceiving it  may look all sunny and beautiful but when you get outside its so cold and you're just stood there shivering. Sun, please stay out for good we all miss you.
The weather in the UK is being very odd one minute it is raining, the next the sun is out shining and its all lovely. So I managed to capture the weather while its being all sunny and pretty in this picture. I love how simple it looks but its very effective with the colours.  

So, how is your week going so far? let me know in the comments