Friday notes 08.05.15

Hello welcome back to my blog, today has been another day of filming my groups documentary for college. It has been a really good day and its gone very well. We decided to go in a place called millennium gallery in Sheffield, its a very popular attraction and it has some really nice eye catching art work so we decided to interview people there. All the people we interviewed were very lovely and we really appreciate them taking some of their time to help us out with our documentary. So while I was there I decided to take some pictures because there is so much great things to take pictures of. The model made out of spoons and forks really caught my eye so I had to get a picture of it, how interesting does it look? I just love the results of the pictures. I also did my first role for the documentary i am doing the presenting side of it and it went really well i managed to learn my lines and get it done the first time! (yay me).

I love how interesting this looks. The detail like the rusting of the spoons really make it look interesting.

Can you spot me in the reflection? (ha ha )

Its just such amazing talent it proves you can make anything out of anything.

A picture i took of the filming today this man was very friendly and made a great interview :)
And obviously I had to include a selfie didn't i

So that's been my day, i hope you have had a lovely day and let me know what you're up to this weekend in the comments