Friday notes 15.05.15

Hello everyone welcome back to my blog. Today has been the final day of filming for my groups documentary as a college project. Its been a lot of fun and I really cant wait to watch it all through. The weather has been so great today and all the shots looked so bright and cheerful, normally I really hate getting in front of the camera but today I really enjoyed it and made the most of it, but silly me took my camera out ready to take some good pictures and the realised I had forgot to put my SD card back in. I was really annoyed with myself but I still wanted to get some pictures so the Iphone just had to do today. We filmed at a place called the amphitheatre in Sheffield and it gave us this incredible view of the city centre this was great for our introduction. I was really gutted in a way because this place was a great opportunity to get my camera out. But you get an idea even though they are only taken by an Iphone.

Everything looked so bright and summery today.


The view of the city centre.

Another picture a little glimpse at the view of the city centre.

I don't know why but I really liked this picture in black and white. The picture was took by a friend.

And the picture again but in colour.

Todays selfie.

So over all ive had a great day its been a lot of fun, the weather was such an advantage. I really cant wait to put all the documentary together and watch it I just know its going to be really good and its something to be really proud of.

So, what are you up to this weekend let me know in the comments