Friday notes 22.05.15

Hello welcome back to my blog today i haven't really had anything that exciting to do. If you have noticed, which i am hoping you have i have changed my blog design. I have made the theme more monochrome instead of the pink i felt like i have just grown out of that and it was time for a change. Don't be shy to tell me what you think in the comments, i have to admit it has been quite stressful working with a very slow laptop that decides to freeze halfway through typing things. I am happy with the outcome of it and i think it looks a lot more professional. So i found quite a few embarrassing pictures i would like to share, i must be mad i know but they will make you laugh im sure.

                                                                Old pictures vs now.
So as you can see i have changed quite a lot haha, the youngest picture on the right is me around 10 years old. It is a really embarrassing bus pass picture the other one above is me playing for a football team aged around 11. The one next to that is me aged around 13 i went through a phase of having jet black hair and a full fringe oh dear dont you just think when you look back i looked awful. The one next to that is me aged 14 loving that pout i must say. As much as i love looking back at old pictures they are just so cringe worthy, but we all have those pictures that make us cringe and laugh. But all these pictures are different stages in my life and they all hold memories i think its nice to look back, however embarrassing it is.

my weekend plans involve going shopping and getting my roots done at my aunites shop, i hate doing my hair myself so im glad somebody else is doing it for me!

Have you got any embarrassing pictures and what are your plans this weekend? let me know in the comments