How to: Get that sunkissed look.

Hello everyone welcome back to my blog, as you can see by the title and the picture above I am going to be writing about how to get that sunkissed glow. Now when we think of fake tan cheesy Dorito springs to mind, right? but with a gradual tanner it takes you to that sunkissed glow gradually, hence the name. Its a really subtle way to tan it stops you going from Casper the ghost one day and full on bronzed the next, because that's when your tan looks super fake and noticeable. Gradual tan is great for a subtle glow its just going to bring out a little bit of bronze and keep your skin nice and soft at the same time. I love the Dove gradual tan its one of my favourites I have tried some of the more expensive brands, but always ended up going back to my trusty dove tan. When you reach the colour you desire all you do is stop applying it everyday, it's as simple as that.

This is also really good for when you come back off holiday and you want to keep the tan up. All you have to do is apply It like you would a body moisturiser, I prefer to put it on at night and I wake up a lovely sunkissed bronze colour. I also used a little bit of this to go on holiday because it sometimes takes time to get a natural tan so  I wasn't so pale on holiday.
I chose the one with a soft shimmer it's really subtle but makes your tan look so pretty when he sun hits it. Don't worry you won't look like a giant glitter ball it's really subtle and hardly noticeable.

Gradual tans are the new way to tan and personally I think the best way. If you want to pull off a beautiful summer glow then this is the product for you.
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So, would you give gradual tan a go? Let me know in the comments