Sunday notes.

Hello and welcome back to my blog this weekend has been a fairly relaxing one nothing overly exciting. I really enjoyed just lounging around and just being well lazy! I started to get back into making smoothies and I am so glad I did it was so delicious and perfect for breakfast. Now I've started making them the night before ready for breakfast in the morning, Also my mum made a mint aero cheesecake which is so good.  We will be definitely having some more of that cheesecake later on.

I took this picture yesterday I thought the clouds looked so pretty and it was just the perfect opportunity to get a picture. I really enjoy photography and I have been getting more and more into it by the day. I know I need to practice a lot and they are a lot of things I need to learn but every one has to start somewhere.

This smoothie was so good how cute is this little cup I put it in!

I have to admit I wasn't very precise with this smoothie I didn't measure things out exactly
it was really just a trial and error and it went really well.

It has strawberries, blueberries and bananas in it!

So, what have you been up to this weekend let me know in the comments