Sunday pictures.

Hello and welcome back to my blog today has been another day of taking pictures, This plant really took my eye because i thought it would of made such a good picture. I remember these plants from when i was younger i used to make wishes with them, all the memories quickly flooded back. That is a reason why i love these pictures so much because it holds a lot of memories. So because these plants relate to making a wish i thought i would put down 3 things i wish for in life down below.

I love how you can go outside and there's a huge range of things you can take pictures of, all you need is a camera and your imagination. You'll be amazed how taking a picture of something so simple can be so effective and look amazing. I love photography how you can take anything you want and just be creative, it brings out your character and you can express your self through your pictures. Nobody's pictures are the same everybody has their own technique and way for example, camera angles, filters and what they choose to take. I love taking picture of plants and scenery i think they look beautiful, it is best to take pictures when the lighting is bright and the sun is out then you will get the best result.

My 3 wishes

3.  To live a happy and healthy life.

2. To keep my blog going and progress through the years.

1.  To achieve my goal of becoming a journalist.

those are my three wishes what are yours? let me know in the comments.