The dreaded writers block.

 Hello and welcome back to my blog today I am writing all about the dreaded writers block. This happens to most bloggers from time to time, because it can often be difficult to come up with new imaginative ideas on a daily basis. I have struggled with this problem myself and I want to share a few tips to overcome it. First problem is you have run out of ideas and you have no motivation, staring at a wall isn't really going to help you come up with an idea now is it? So I would suggest to get out of the house and discover the outside. You will come across lovely sights and you will be surprised how the ideas will form by just doing a simple thing like going outside. I like to take my camera outside with me and get some lovely pictures from where I am then you can write up about what you have been up to. By uploading a nice picture the words will just flow with it and it will no longer become such a task to think of what to write. Sometimes its also nice to write an honest post if you're going through a tough time figuring out what to write why not be honest and write about it. Everyone goes through this especially people who write on a daily basis.  I know what you will of done because I know I have too, and that is to go on Google and search 'blog post ideas'. Now this can help by looking at different topics bloggers have chose but its not going to help in the long run. Those Google results are going to be the same so every time you Google it they will remain the same. So get out and do something about it.

I have to admit it really can help looking at other blogs and seeing what they've wrote, and interpret that into your own idea. When I am writing a post i am normally in doors but I see a lot of people going outside with their laptops and typing away, This could work if you go to a nice peaceful place with lovely scenery it will get your creative side flowing and before you know it you've got a blog post.

Notes: Taking notes is a great idea i have a notebook my self of blog post ideas. I jot down a few ideas and it really helps me out it gives me a subject to write about and i already have notes to go along with. All that's left to do is put it all together.

Motivation: The main problem of having writers block is the lack of motivation. Think back to when you normally writing blog post what mood are you normally in? it more than likely will be a happy motivated mood. It's good to have something to write about you feel very passionate about, finding a subject like this gives you plenty of motivation. It wont just benefit you it will benefit your readers because they will notice that it has a positive sound to it and it will be more enjoying to read.

        Do you struggle with coming up with ideas? let me know how you overcome in the comments.