Sunday, 7 June 2015

hair colour change!



Hello everyone and welcome back to my blog, as you can tell by the title and the picture I have darkened my light locks. I loved having light hair and it was fun but I felt like my hair lacked a lot of shine. I have had my hair dark in the past and it always looked so shiny. I am really happy with the result of my hair it looks so much shinier. I have had my hair light for a couple of years now and I just got a little bored and it was time for a change,  I really like this colour and its a nice change. I was a bit hesitant with dying my hair darker but im so glad I did and I definitely wouldn't use any other hair dye brand, I honestly think garnier nutrisse dyes are amazing quality.

(picture from google)

This is the colour I used and I absolutely loved this dye, it states on the box that it Is nourishing and it is 100% correct. The conditioner is amazing it left my hair feeling so silky and shiny and I loved the smell. I would recommend these dyes to everyone. I used to use nice n easy dyes and I really like them but they're not half as nourishing as these!

What do you think to my new colour? let me know in the comments