Wednesday, 10 June 2015

Why you should start your own blog.

(a picture I took on Sunday I really love this picture and had to include it)

Hello everyone, welcome back to my blog today I wanted to write a post all about blogging and why I love it so much. I
express a lot that I enjoy blogging and its a fun hobby, so I am going to tell  you what I love so much about blogging and why.
So, it all started in august last year I wanted to start a blog for the longest time and I finally felt confident enough to set it up. At first it was a little difficult learning all the technical terms with setting up my blog up, it was like a foreign language CSS codes what on earth are they? trust me they aren't as scary as they sound. When you set up your blog from scratch and add all your own personal touches, you feel so proud of what you have achieved.

The main reason I started my blog is because I have always enjoyed writing and I love reading other peoples blogs, I also thought it would be really good practice for the future, because I really want to become a journalist. I have gained so many skills from setting up my blog, I thought I was a fairly creative person before my blog but when you set a blog up it really challenges you. This is because you have to come up with new ideas on a regular basis, so you always have to think of new exciting ideas to get your readers interested and potentially bring in new readers. I also have gained a lot of confidence from starting my blog, because I was really nervous at first with how people would react I was constantly worrying about what other people will think. Now I really don't think its important as long as you're happy with what you're writing then that's great. I also have become better at writing, by writing on a regular basis it gives you a chance to improve on mistakes and make your writing  better and more interesting.

Why you should start a blog: I think blogging is a big thing today, a lot of people blog and its such a great thing because you learn all sorts of new skills. If you're thinking about should I or shouldn't I start a blog just do it, you really wont regret it  I am so glad I finally started my blog. The blogging community is also really nice and supportive, everyone is so friendly and supportive to each others blogs and I think its great. One lovely comment on your blog can really make a big difference it always puts a huge smile on my face. If writing is a thing you really enjoy then definitely give blogging ago, it will give you a lot of practice and really get you thinking more creatively. I also think blogging is great for when you have a bunch of things you want to express, you can just head over to your blog and write it all down. Its your own little space to write what ever pops into your head!

Photography and blogging: When I first started my blog I have to admit my pictures were really bad, they were usually taken on a iphone camera very quickly and not much thought went into them. This is because I thought blogging was all about writing, but I was wrong good quality pictures really grab your eye and make readers want to stay on your blog and read more. I have gained more experience with photography through having my blog and I continue to learn more.

What are your thoughts on blogging? let me know in the comments