First ever Graze box review.

Hello everyone, welcome back to my blog. Today I really wanted to review the graze box. The box came really quick, the estimated day was correct and arrived in time. When I opened up the box I couldn't wait to gorge myself, but not feel as guilty because its all natural goodness. I can honestly say there is nothing in the box I didn't like, everything was gorgeous and perfectly made. I think the slim box is a great idea because it fits perfectly through your letter box, so no worries if you're out. Down below I will give my opinion on each item.

My box is a variety box this means, graze selects the items that go in your box. There are lots of items to try out that go into the variety box so you never get bored of the same thing!

These had to be my favourite out of all the box, they were so moreish. The chocolate added with the pecan made it delicious, as well as all the other yummy stuff in there. Everything worked so well together and made a beautiful combination. I'm not even ashamed to admit i ate them straight away, they were so nice it just lead to one after another, then they were gone!

My mum had  the lemon flapjack as I'm not much of a lemon fan, but having said that I tried one and it was so good definitely not what I expected. They were so tasty and the lemon was very refreshing, it was a lovely treat.

OMG (sorry for the annoying exaggeration but it really is necessary)
These were an explosion of amazing tastes, the whole tropical fruit together worked amazingly. It just reminded me of being on some sort of tropical holiday on the beach, seriously its so good. I am also not ashamed to admit that I demolished this straight away either, don't judge okay. (ha ha)

Now coming away from the sweet treats, the last snack was these smoky hot dogs. At first I was little unsure about them but I had another try and loved them, the taste is amazing they really taste like a hot dog, but a really good one. It just reminds me of being at a barbecue! the smoky taste really makes these. They are  delicious and like all the snacks very moreish!

In my box I received two £5 gift vouchers to give to friends and family, I think this is such a kind gesture. I love that this company gives free trials, you basically get your first box free and if you like it you can carry it on. I will definitely be getting a box again, I've set my order for every fortnight.

So would you try a Graze box? let me know in the comments


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