I have ditched foundation for this product!


Hello everyone welcome back to my blog. So by the title you know I am introducing you to a new product, that has become a very strong favourite of mine so much that its replaced my foundation. That is the Rimmel BB cream I am in love with this it makes my skin look so glowy and healthy, foundations normally look very cakey and dull on my skin and having tried many other BB creams I gave up on finding the one. Now I have found my new holy grail product I will never turn back on ditching foundation, this is so much better for my skin it has 9 benefits and they are...

1- Primes the skin, good bye using primers!
2- It hydrates your skin, great news for people with dry skin like me!
3- Helps minimise the appearance of pores!

4- Conceals, good bye to redness and spots!
5- Covers, bye-bye blemishes!
6- Smoothes, hello even looking skin!
7- Mattifies, bye-bye to oily skin!
8- Brightens and helps protect with added SPF 25

9- Lasts all day!

Now reading all these statements, for the price they seem too good to be true. I know that you will be thinking that because I certainly did, so I couldn't wait to put it up to the test. I put this on a very hot summers day and I was amazed with the results. I have to admit I was expecting nothing from this, but I was blown away my skin looked amazing ive never seen my skin look so glowy and hydrated. It honestly did everything it promised to do, but I would recommend to add a little concealer if you have an annoying big spot, because remember it is a BB cream not a foundation. This is so lightweight and it feels like my skin unlike many other foundations. I will continue to buy this its my new favourite BB cream and its currently on offer at morrisons for £4.99 what a bargain!

The results, as you can see on this picture my make up looks so natural and that's exactly how I want my makeup to look.
I really think that's how makeup should look, very natural and subtle.

So what do you think of this product, let me know in the comments

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