Perfect summer print nails by elegant touch.

Hello everyone welcome back to my blog. The weather in the UK has been really hot so I thought I would keep my blog post summer themed, if you follow me on instagram you will have seen that I won a competition elegant touch hosted. I won all these amazing nails many of them beautifully summer themed, also I have lots of fudge urban hair products I feel very lucky I have never won anything in my life, but now I have.

The first set are called club Tropicana, these nails are so beautiful with the flamingo print. This print is gorgeous and I love flamingos I remember one time I was actually going to get flamingo wallpaper!
These nails are so easy to apply and the glue is amazing, its very strong and avoids nails falling off all over (which we really don't want right?)

It isn't summer without seeing pineapple print am I right? These nails are so tropical and beautiful they remind me of a Caribbean holiday. I love these they are very bold and definitely a statement nail. You don't need to spend a fortune going to a nail salon when these are so easy and affordable, and if you ask me they are just as good!

These nails have to be my favourite, palm tree print screams summer holidays. When I look at these I just think of Hollywood Or  the Coachella festival. These are so chic and the name 'welcome to Miami' just draws you to them. Come on though who wouldn't want a holiday in Miami, well if you cant get to Miami bring Miami to you with these nails!

These nails are great for holidays, they will look great day and night. I love the coral pink colour and the green feathered colour they really work well together. The thing I love the most about these nails is that they are very natural looking and you can still do normal day to day things, its annoying when you have really long nails and you cant pick anything up. Don't worry you want get that with these.

Which are you favourite nails, let me know in the comments

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