Friday, 25 December 2015

Pretty updo tutorial.

    Hello everyone welcome back to my blog, so last week I decided to do my mums hair in this updo.
 My mum has short bob length hair and it's quite fine, but I still managed to achieve this look. Now I will tell you how. To begin I curled all my mums hair with a curling wand, by doing this it gave my mums hair more texture and grip. When I finished curling my mums hair I began to do the updo. I started off by sectioning the top half of my mums hair and beginning with the bottom half, I rolled the bottom half of my mums hair with my fingers and pinned it in place creating a roll. Once I finished the bottom I began to work on the top half. I back combed the hair slightly then pinned it In place to make a messy sort of beehive look, then I twisted the last pieces of hair around the messy sort of beehive to put it all together.

               What do you think of this hairstyle? Let me know In the comments


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