The story behind my blog.

Hello everyone welcome back to my blog. You have read the title and you know I am going to be writing all about my blog, which may sound a little weird but I thought it would be interesting. I  always like reading peoples full stories behind their blog how they got their name, why they started blogging etc...
So I thought I would share everything with you about my blog starting from the beginning and ending on now, so here goes.

I started my blog in August 2014, so not that long ago almost a year. Starting a blog is something I kept thinking about for a while, well over a year I would say. I actually started a blog before this one, I didn't have it long, it would be a couple of weeks. I deleted the blog in the end, because I thought it was rubbish and I was very hard on my self about it. The main reason I think why I deleted my blog is lack of confidence I was worried about what other people might think. I still get like that a little today but not so much anymore, because I've really developed such a passion for blogging and I think the blogging community is lovely and very supportive.  The months started to go along and slowly I would tell more and more people about my blog, because I became happy and confident with it. Showing people like friends and family really made me feel even more confident, because their opinions were lovely and supportive.

Where did the name Lauren Morgan come from?  Well obviously Lauren  is my name, but Morgan isn't my surname its my middle name. At first I was going to leave my blog anonymous which I did I had no pictures of myself at first. That's why I wanted to put my middle name, because it would be harder for people who know me to find. Now I really think that thought is silly. Why should I keep my blog a secret I should be proud, because its an achievement. I do like my blog name and I intend on keeping it because I think it works well. When I first started this blog I was thinking of a beauty name, but quickly changed my mind because I didn't want to focus just on one topic. I love blogging about beauty and fashion, but I also love blogging about real life events and stuff like that.

My blog today: Today I am at 116 followers on bloglovin, and I am very proud of that. I have had some great opportunities from my blog such as writing for brands, I never would of thought brands would even want to approach and ask me. Its not all about that side of it but that is a bonus. Blogging is about sharing what you love and having somewhere to go and write what ever you like, its also about sharing with new people and discovering new blogs. My blog has changed massively from the beginning and I am now at  a place where I am very happy with it. The longer you have your blog the better it gets, it just keeps on getting better.

If you want to start your own blog but you're hesitant to JUST DO IT!

What do you think to my blog today let me know in the comments