Weight is just a number!

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Hello everyone and welcome back to my blog. As you can tell by the title today is a very heavily discussed topic in the media and well everywhere. I hate how magazines portray women to be perfect goddesses, funny thing is those pictures have been airbrushed like crazy. I hate the expectations the media has put on us girls, I hate how they are quotes such as "the perfect size 10" there is no such thing as the perfect size we are all different and unique. We all has humans come in all shapes and sizes some small some tall and so on, but why should we brand people offensive names because of their weight it's wrong and if I could put a stop to it overnight I would. As a society, we all are very judgemental and you could be reading this right now and thinking, me judgemental no way. The truth is you will of looked in a magazine at a certain person and said well they don't look that great, or woah they have piled the weight on. These people have feelings they are normal human beings you don't have to live life pleasing people with your weight, because if people don't like you for who you are then they aren't worth speaking to. Be yourself you are original who wants to be another copy of somebody else we all want to be original in our own way.

Every person at some part of their life has had times where they feel down about their appearance, it's so sad that people compare their selfs to everyone.  I have to admit it's something I do myself and it's a habit that's very hard to break free from. In the past I had my own issues with my body image I was never happy with how I looked, I just thought no matter what I was fat and that was that. I had to slowly but surely build my confidence up in myself and face these issues with my weight and find out where they all come from. They mainly come from being at junior school and being a little chubby, all my friends were considered "skinny" and I hate that word. But I wasn't overweight I was healthy.  As I started to grow up I noticed I didn't look like my friends, but people constantly assured me I was fine but I didn't listen and still considered myself "fat". I wasn't fat I was healthy for my height and age, now I know but at the time it was an issue. But I've learned through the years to suppress that feeling and be happy in my own skin. Once you start feeling happier in your skin that's when everything will look up. I wish people would just stop looking at supermodels in magazines, and constantly wishing to look like them and just be happy. So what you have a few spots we all get them in life, so what you have freckles don't cover them with makeup embrace them, so what you have scars or imperfections they make you who you are. All these flaws make us who we are today, think about it though realistically you could talk to a celebrity and they would tell you that they have some sort of imperfection, nobody is perfect and the sooner we realise that the better. I hope you enjoyed reading this, and you are all amazing in your own way it's good to have imperfections.

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