5 aims for everyday!


Hello everyone welcome back to my blog. So, these lists are everywhere now and I find them so fun to read because it's not lots of writing but it's just enough to interest you. I love putting together small lists like this to motivate myself. I hope to motivate myself and hopefully you who are reading! So here goes...

1- Get up and eat a good balanced breakfast to start the day. I know this might sound so simple and silly, but I'm one of those silly people who skip breakfast a lot. I really make it a top priority now, as it gets me through till dinner time and I don't get tired as I would without it.

2- Try not to stress about silly things, as an over thinker it's something I do a lot. These things could be something so little and not worth worrying about, but somehow I'll find a way to make it worth worrying about. I know it's not good for you and it drains you, so I'm trying to stop it!

3-  Try and get out and explore new places. Now it's very easy to just sit in and stare at a computer screen, but it really isn't any good for you.  I've made it an aim to get out more. I want to explore the things around me and see what's out there.

4-  Try and do some form of excercise. It's so important to stay active, and I'm not going to lie I can be extremely lazy. It's so much easier to come up with excuses not to excercise, but things aren't easy In life so we have to make an effort.

5- Try not to go on social media so much. I love social media I really do, but  it becomes an addiction. You're out people are talking to you, but you're just in a daze on your phone. It's so rude so I'm trying to limit myself with it. I'm also banning my self from going on it when I'm out with family or friends, as it's a distraction and it's nice to communicate face to face. 

             What do you think to this list? Let me    
                     know in the comments.