Day out to Castleton

Hello everyone welcome back to my blog. Today I visited a place called Castleton. Its in Derbyshire and its a beautiful place. I got some beautiful shots and I am very pleased with them. The weather was really on our side today it was beautiful, perfect day to go out. Like I said on my last post I want to make more of an effort to explore places, this beautiful place is right on my doorstep its not far at all. I love the place everyone is so friendly and everyone's smiling and loving life. I loved walking around and seeing these beautiful sights, I also loved capturing them because I love photography. I met some cute little animals, including two donkeys, a Shetland pony, sheep and a goat. Being a massive animal lover I couldn't resist stroking them they were so lovely and friendly. We went out for a lovely meal in a country sort of pub, it had a lovely atmosphere to it. I had a veggie enchilada, it was lovely. My mum and her boyfriend chose to have a lamb dinner, but I chose the veggie option as I am a vegetarian and have been for a month now. Meat doesn't bother me that much so its not a hard decision. So here are the pictures I have taken I hope you like them!

(I got this cute little pebble in a gift shop and I love it)

This was a cave called the Devil's arse, I know very strange name and yes it made me laugh. It looks so cool they have concerts inside every so often, and things going off at Halloween and Christmas. You can go inside and explore it looks so much fun i really want to go back and do that next time!

I love this picture, how i managed to capture the water gushing.

Everywhere you look there's so many pretty flowers.

This shop looks so pretty.

This cute little manikin was outside a little cake shop. I love the vintage theme to it. 

Some more cute flowers.

This goat was so cute he was so determined to get my attention!

I just managed to get a quick picture of the Shetland pony.



And some more cute flowers, such pretty colours!

So my Sunday has been lovely, how's yours been? let me know in the comments.