Sunday, 16 August 2015

Day out to York

Hello everyone welcome back to my blog. Today, as you can tell by the title I visited York. York is such a lovely place and has a lot of history to it. I love the look of the buildings and the town centre has a really nice atmosphere. I got lots of pictures of the York cathedral, because its beautiful the detailing of the building is amazing. The cathedral is massive, we have one in Sheffield but its no where near as amazing as the one in York. It's just absolutely gorgeous with the detailing, it amazes me how humans made all of this it must of took a very long time, but definitely worth it. I am very pleased the weather was bright and sunny, because it made the pictures look even better. The day was very nice. York is only an hour away and its just so nice to see new places and discover great things. I had lunch in York I went in a Yates pub, it was nice I had this Mexican pasta. I also loved how there were little food stands in the city centre, I saw a crepe stand and had to try one, seen as I have never had one. I just had some nutella on it and it was so good. There was also a lot of magic shows going off for little kids and well for everyone to be honest, because I was pretty fascinated by it. York is a really lovely place and to be honest I am jealous if you live there, because I would love to. I would highly recommend you visit York if you haven't already.

So here are my pictures I have taken today...

I know this is a very unusual angle but I really like it.

I know I keep on saying it, but how beautiful is the detailing.

Walking up to the cathedral.

A few little shops.

Getting closer to the cathedral.

Home made lemonade stand.

Cute little gift shop.

Loved this little shops, I wanted to buy everything. These quotes are great.

More lovely buildings.

Amazing Tudor style building.

This building is so amazing I loved the look of it.

Boats near where we had lunch.

Cute little vintage/shabby chic shop.

So, my days been really lovely. How has your Sunday been let me know in the comments