July favourites.

Hello everyone welcome back to my blog. I know you  will have heard this like a thousand times all ready, and its very cliché  but I cant believe we are in August already, OMG is definitely needed to be said right now. With July over and done with I thought I would show off my favourites from July. I rarely do these posts, but I love reading them and I thought I had a lot to share from this month, so here goes...

Lady GaGa fame:
This perfume is so nice it's become one of my favourites this month. I am a huge fan of perfume and smelling nice, well I am sure everyone wants to smell nice (haha). This is great for any occasion, but I love wearing it at night the most. I love that the perfume is a black colour it looks so cool, I've never seen any perfume like this before.
It is a beautiful scent I would definitely recommend you to give it a smell at a perfume shop!

Garnier micellar water:
 So this everywhere right now, I know. I love this stuff its so much better than make up wipes. I discovered this cute little travel size perfect for holidays and travelling. These little travel size waters are currently on offer for £1 at boots, bargain I know!

Starting off with the earrings, these are from newlook and I just love them. I have been wearing these earrings non stop I just cant get enough of them.  I also cant get enough of my beautiful Pandora bracelet I got for my birthday, its so chic and gorgeous I love it.

Benefit BB cream:
In July I ditched foundation, I now use BB creams as they are much more kinder to your skin. I rediscovered my Benefit BB cream and I've just fallen back in love with it. The best part is that it sets to a powder finish so you don't even need to powder!

I am a huge lover of Yankee Candles I have so many of them, and I never thought any other candle would replace them. I discovered this beautiful candle in the card factory for just £1.99 and it smells just like Yankee candles vanilla cupcake. I love the gorgeous scent vanilla is my favourite candle scent ever!

New look necklace:
 I love this cute girly flower necklace. It's been one of my statement necklace for a while now I just love how it really makes an outfit come alive!

So, they are my favourites. Let me know what you have been loving in the comments