Tips for all those morning haters.


 Hello everyone welcome back to my blog. Today I'm talking all about the dreaded early mornings. Now I find it hard my self because I am very grumpy in a morning, but since I'll be starting college soon and I've got an hour journey I'll have to get used to those early mornings again. When you get into the routine it's easy and you just wake up, but everyone wants an extra 5 mins snooze, which then makes you late, because the 5 mins turns into like 20. It's hard I know to not hit that snooze button, it really shouldn't of been invented. It really can be easy to make mornings bearable and I'm going to explain how.

Firstly make sure you get a good nights sleep.
Getting to sleep at 3am isn't good and you will feel like poo the next day. Try and unwind before you go to bed, take a bubble bath, read a book what ever it takes to block everything out and relax. The main reason people can't sleep is because they can't shut off their brain, so just relax. I know it can be hard but do something that relaxes you I like taking a bubble bath and reading a book, yoga can also help.

Make sure you're organised. 
Get out everything you need for the day ahead, you do not want a last minute rush before leaving the house it puts you in a bad mood. If you have everything ready then your planned and you have nothing to stress about, because I used to be really bad for leaving things to the last minute. Now I am getting older I am much more organised. 

Wake up feeling happy.
Be happy for your life and think of how the day is going to be a good one. Starting the day off in a positive mood gets you set for the day, and attracts good things. Think of all the positives of the  morning for example if you're going to school be thankful, because there are lots of children in other countries who would love to have the opportunity you have. Life isn't a bad thing unless you have a negative outlook on it. I personally think if you start your day in a bad mood then you just continue attracting negatives through out the day. Starting off on a positive foot attracts positive things and just puts you in a good mood.

For breakfast today I had this gorgeous granola from my graze breakfast box.

Make sure you have a good breakfast.
I used to be really bad for skipping breakfast, but now I make it a priority. I always make sure I have a good balanced breakfast, for example I love eating muesli for breakfast. I am loving the graze breakfast box at the moment it's full of goodness and prepares you for the day a head. It isn't a silly rumour, breakfast really is the most important meal of the day. You can not think straight on an empty rumbling stomach, it just becomes a distraction.

So I hope this has helped you morning haters. Let me know what you think in the comments