Sunday, 20 September 2015

10 things all cat owners can relate to.

Hello everyone, welcome back to my blog. Today I will be sharing my thoughts that all cat owners experience. If you didn't know I had cats, where have you been? they are all I go on about. I have to admit I am a little cat obsessed, but not quite at the crazy cat lady point (I hope not anyway) If you didn't know I have two cats. The cat pictured above is called Jasper, and the one below is called Sooty.

Thinking about getting cats? let me share with you what its actually like to have them...

Very cute cats aren't they, but they do have their annoying traits.
1- Purring, now this is often considered as a very cute thing; it's not when you're being woken up to it at a crazy time in the morning. My cats have a plan of purring in your ear and making as much noise as possible until you get up and feed them.
2- They sleep all day and come alive at night, this can be annoying I'm not going to lie. My cats can often start running around playing when I decide to go to bed; whereas when I'm awake they are quite as ever.
3- Leather sofa that looks gorgeous, yeah not when you decide to get cats. Be prepared for your cats to scratch the crap out of it. At first, we had a leather sofa but soon had to get another. I really don't know what it is with my cats and leather. They have so many scratch posts, but still insist on scratching furniture.
4- So you're relaxing on the sofa or busy doing something, but your cat decides they want attention. My cats will not stop annoying you until you stop what you're doing and give them your full attention. Once I was writing a blog post and Jasper kept being mardy and crying, but I was too busy to stroke him so he decided to climb on my laptop and distract me.
5- "I know let's get the cats some treats they will love them", yep they definitely loved them so much so they decided to jump up and rip the whole bag open and demolish the lot!
6- Cats are greedy they will eat and eat until they are sick, trust me. My cats always think whenever I or my mum go in the kitchen they are going to get fed, you could have just fed them that minute and they will still think FOOD!
7- Trying to get a cute picture with your cat, and the reality is you end up getting scratched. Cats really let you know when they have had enough! They certainly aren't shy of that.
8- So my cats literally seem to follow me everywhere, no joke they even follow me when I go in the bath. This one time Sooty decided to sit on the edge of the bath, and he accidently fell in. Sooty then ended up looking like a drowned rat bless him!
9- Cats can be lazy. Don't expect them to be playing all day because half of the time they just sleep.
10- No matter how annoying your cats can be, you still love them no matter what!


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