Confidence with out makeup!

Hello everyone welcome back to my blog. So as you can see today I am targeting the topic of confidence, in particular about not wearing makeup. I love wearing makeup and experimenting with different looks, it gives me a lot of confidence and makes me feel more feminine. When you're wearing makeup on a regular basis it becomes more like a mask. Before you know it you end up wearing it everyday and you cant seem to leave the house with out it. I think its always best to give your skin some air and let it breathe, your skin really benefits from not wearing makeup.  

When you're wearing makeup on a day to day basis, I think its always best to keep it natural. I love to wear a tinted moisturiser, because it leaves my skin super soft and gives a little coverage. I also like how it gives my skin a healthy glow. Save the bold look for when you've got a special occasion coming up! I also think its absolutely fine to not wear any make up at all, in fact I think its amazing to have that amount of confidence to hold your head up high. 

Remember when you're looking at pictures on Instagram of celebrities, they are airbrushed and filtered to perfection. But recently you're starting to see more and more celebs show off selfies of themselves with out makeup. I think this is a great idea to show off your true self, with out all the makeup.  Its great that celebrities have got involved with this to show that they have flaws too, and the most important thing they aren't perfect!

I think everyone should share a picture of their true self, whether that be without a filter or makeup just give it ago!

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