Friday, 18 September 2015

Two budget friendly lipsticks im loving.

Hello everyone welcome back to my blog. Todays blog post is featuring two fab products which I spotted in Superdrug. There's a beautiful brownish nude and a gorgeous plum, oh and also believe it or not these lipsticks are £2.99. They are both by collection. Is it just me who always wants to say collection 2000, still cant get used to the name change.

Here are some swatches and ill go into further detail down below.

This is the brownish nude colour. I have been wearing this a lot since I bought it, because its perfect and seems to go with everything. I love this lipstick for more day to day; whereas if I was to dress things up a little I would go for the plum look.

If you didn't remember here's another reminder of the name!

I really feel the need to say sorry about my overly chipped nails, ill paint them now I promise. Here is a picture of the fig delight lipstick, its so pretty and natural right? 

So like I mentioned when describing the fig delight lipstick, I wear this when I feel more dressier. I feel this is such a statement and really adds some jazz to your makeup look.

Here's another reminder of the name in case you all have memories as bad as me. (That means you have terrible memories Ha Ha)

Such a beautiful colour, and on this picture I sneakily tried to crop out my horrendous chipped nails, you're welcome.

What do you think to these lipsticks let me know in the comments