Wednesday, 7 October 2015

5 reasons why I love autumn.

Hello everyone, welcome back to my blog. Today I really wanted to talk about autumn, but make it a sort of fun thing to read. I know you're probably bored of seeing endless pictures of leafs on instagram, and youtube videos of autumn makeup looks, but I cant get enough of them. So, I thought I would tell you 5 reasons why autumn is the best time for me. I hope you non autumn lovers start appreciating as much as me at the end of this!

1-  The fashion:
 I love autumn fashion, the beautiful burnt orange colours and camel coloured coats. I love the build up to winter getting all layered up. I really do prefer autumn/ winter fashion rather than summer. Sounds really lame, but I get so excited buying a new winter coat.  I have to admit I always want to buy more and more!

2- Hot drinks:
I love drinking hot chocolate at autumn time. I know most people say pumpkin spiced lattes from Starbucks, but I'm one of those very few people left who hasn't  even tried one yet, I will though I promise.

3-  The colours:
 I love the change of colours on the leafs. It really excites me and makes me feel so autumnal. I love all the clothes that are in the high street that represent the autumn colours.

4-  Candles:
 I love this time of year for candles. Shops slowly start bringing out cinnamon spiced candles and I just love that scent!

5-  Cosy nights:
I love cosy nights in watching films, indulging in chocolate and wrapping your self in blankets. There really is nothing better than that, seriously you end up having no plans when autumn comes!

What's your favourite part about autumn? let me know in the comments.