Wednesday, 21 October 2015

My everyday hair heroes.

Hello everyone welcome back to my blog. A lately I've actually been using more products on my locks than usual, I think its because I have my hair tied up more and want the style to last all day. The picture above is an example of what I have my hair like pretty much everyday, I need simple easy hairstyles because if I'm honest I can't really be bothered with complicated hairdos. These products help me achieve this look, and best of all helps it stay healthy and nourished. So want to find out my hair heroes, then keep reading.  I have to admit I honestly couldn't live without these products, because my hair would just epically fail if I'm honest.

1. This is a staple with a lot of people I know. I used to always try the heavily fragranced dry shampoos, but since I have tried this one I haven't looked back. I love this for giving my hair volume and grip, because I have very slippery hair which makes it hard to get into a bun. This dry shampoo is subtly fragranced. It keeps my hair refreshed, full of volume and tousled, winner all round right? 

2- So I said that I also want nourished healthy hair, as well as having voluminous hair. This product is an amazing quick fix. You put a big splodge on your hand and rub through your hair, and ta-dah! nourished hair, also this smells so so good honestly you will agree on that one. 

3- Hair spray. This is an essential for keeping my hairdo locked in place. I don't want my hairstyle to look all messy through out the day, but I don't want smelly horrible sticky hairspray. That's why I used fudge urban raspberry and vanilla hairspray, because it smells gorgeous and doesn't feel sticky and horrible. It  brushes easy  and doesn't leave any build up which is a winner for me!

4- Coconut oil. This is perfect for when you have more time to give yourself a pamper. This is perfect to leave on overnight as a mask, then wash off in the morning with shampoo. Then silky nourished hair is revealed hoorah!

What are your hair heroes? let me know in the comments.