Fancy hair updo.

Hello everyone welcome back to my blog. Today I thought I would share this updo I created a couple of days ago. I really love this hairstyle and i think it's perfect for any Christmas parties coming up. I also want to address again, that I know I've been lacking on the posts but it's so hard to upload on my sluggish slow laptop; I can't wait to get a new one at Christmas!

So here's how you can create this hairstyle for yourself. 
P.s it's very easy!

Firstly, make sure your hair is curled to get a lot of texture. I used a curling wand but you can use any method you prefer.

Now you have some texture I like to use some dry shampoo or my dry backcomb spray from vo5, these are both perfect for creating extra texture and volume.

You now need to section your hair into two parts; one at the crown and one below. Tie the bottom section into a ponytail, then create a gap in it and  push the ponytail all the way through; do the exact same with the top section, and ta-dah you're done.

Finish with hairspray and some grips to keep in place all day or night.

What do you think to this style? Let me know in the comments.