Sunday, 31 January 2016

Eyeshadow on a budget

Hello  everyone, welcome back to my blog. Today I thought I would share with you an amazing bargain. We all love making ourselves look pretty and groomed, but not a lot of us have hundreds of pounds to spend on beauty essentials. I was exploring my local Superdrug and spotted these beauties. I have never really explored MUA products before, but I am so glad I have now. These eyeshadows were 1 pound, yep one pound.  Now, I have to admit for a pound I wasn't expecting a great deal, but the pigmentation is incredible! I bought 2 shimmery eyeshadows and one matte for the crease area of my eye. 
 This colour is in the shade Bronze; It's such a pretty grey shade. I think this eyeshadow would look fab for a smokey going out look. This eyeshadow really resembles the grey shadow in the naked on the run palette by Urban Decay. 

As shown here, the pigmentation is incredible. I am so pleased.

This is the matte shade I purchased. This shade is called chestnut. I think this would look perfect in the crease with the shimmery shadow. 

Again, the pigmentation is very good. 

*This needs a thousand heart faced emojis!*

I love gold shadows; I own so many. This really stood out to me I just needed it. I actually took the last shade up in this. The shade is in the colour copper. These shadows are actually very popular in my local Superdrug because near enough all shades were sold out!

Now, just look at that pigmentation!!

What do you think of these shadows? let me know in the comments.