Saturday, 30 January 2016

My experience with acrylic nails

Hello everyone, welcome back to my blog. Today I am going to be sharing my experience with acrylic nails and going through all the pros and cons. I've had them for a good length of time to make a judgement on them.

 The picture at the top was the first ever set of acrylic nails I ever had. I was so excited to have them applied. I went in with a picture of what I wanted, and I really was not disappointed. In fact, I was so happy and impressed with them. The nail technician helped me pick the exact colour I was admiring and overall achieved the exact image I wanted.  

 How long will they last?

 Overall I had these nails on for a month, but I could have had infills to make them last longer. I chose to have them took off after a month and have a new set. You don't have to do that I just chose to do so. The lasting power is incredible the glue is so strong; literally the nails are there to stay they will not budge, pinky promise!

When you're going for your nails put on to make sure you get exactly what you want. If you have to bring in pictures then do it! It's worth it to make yourself fully satisfied with your new nails. I always bring pictures from Pinterest, google etc, to achieve the look I want. I think it's always good to look online for inspiration because they are so many designs out there.

Will it cost a lot to maintain the nails?

Now I have to admit this procedure is a pricey one, but very worth it. The price of the upkeep (meaning infills) all depends on how quick your natural nails grow. Mine after a month had grown out quite a bit.  I could have just had infills that cost around 12 or 15 pounds. For a full set, it costs me around 25 or 30 pounds, all depending on what design you would like.  It is an upkeep with acrylic nails, so I would keep that in mind before you have them done. 

These are the new nails I have had put on today. I love how chic and polished they look. I love the glitter design I chose on one nail because it adds a bit of my personality to the nails.

Overall I love acrylic nails and would recommend them to everyone.

What do you think to my nails? let me know in the comments.