Monday, 15 February 2016

10 things you will know too well if you're from Sheffield

Hello! welcome back to my blog. Today I was out and about in my hometown and thought of a fun exciting post - that is relatable things all Sheffield folk know too well. If you're not from Sheffield well, this may seem like jibberish to you!

10-   Meadowhall- now, this can be a fun day at the start but quickly changes your mood. Busy crowds, screaming children and big massive prams that near enough knock you out of the way - fun times, not!

9- When all your lights are on in the house and your mum/dad shouts out "it's like Blackpool illuminations in ere."

8- You will get called a mardy bum and know what it means.

7-  The supertram is a life safer, and you couldn't be without it. Literally my daily commute!

6-  There's always that one kid who get absolutely drenched in the peace gardens water fountains. (Me when I was little, to be honest)

5-  Literally, everyone will call you love!

4- You will also have somebody telling you "Park Hill is a listed building you know."

3- You will replace the word 'something' with 'somert.' 

2-  Hendersons Relish will be your favourite condiment.

1-  You will have experienced tramlines - Sheffield's very own Glastonbury festival.

Have you ever visited Sheffield? let me know in the comments