A few faves from my wardrobe

Hello everyone, long time no blog. I know it's been a while I'm sorry! I thought I would get back into the swing of blogging with an exciting lookbook collaborating all my favourites.

I recently was inspired by Social Print Studio to create a lookbook with all of my favourite outfits. The main focus would be outfits confidence and how they create my own personal style that gives me confidence and how they create my own personal style.

Social Print Studio offers amazing quality photo books ranging from small books, sticker books,  canvases, greeting cards, magnets etc. Social Print Studio pretty much has everything to offer; their custom-made photo books are a great present for somebody or just for yourself! I think they're perfect; to store all your life memories forever. It's something personal and sentimental. 

Fashion is something everyone participates in, everyone has their own individual style, it's what makes us unique to everyone else. I love wearing a good pair of bold statement trousers they are my favourite bold statement item. I love the personality they give to my whole outfit they really give it some oomph and happiness. I like to add my own personality into my fashion; rather than following and copying other people. I do love taking inspiration but I think it's nice to interpret an outfit into your own.

 Outfit one details- 
Top - New look
Trousers- Primark
Necklace- New look
Blazer - Very.co.uk
Shoes - Zara

I love this first outfit because it's very smart casual. The blazer really smartens things up - which makes the outfit very suitable for both casual and dressy events.

Second outfit details- 

Top- Primark
Skirt- River Island

I adore this skirt because it's so bright and anybody who knows me well enough knows I am one for bold prints and colours. I love how this gives a plain black outfit some oomph and personality. I felt really nice and confident wearing this skirt because I felt very comfortable in it - this is key when wearing a fashion item, you must feel comfortable if not you won't feel confident you'll just be worrying.

Hurray for the bold printed trousers!
I love this outfit, although it is an old image from last year as I have light hair - I do still wear these trousers. I love this lilac shirt I paired with this outfit, it made me feel very chic and confident as I was expressing my individual style.

Outfit details- 

Blouse- Primark
Trousers- Primark
Blazer- New look

I love wearing girly floral prints in summer, they really get me into the summer spirit! This outfit made me feel very happy as I was wearing fun unique colours and straying away from plain comfort zone colours. 

Outfit details- 
Jumpsuit- New look
Blazer- Boutique shop in my local shopping centre that unfortunately closed
Shoes- Zara

Again, here I am showing off some more printed trousers! These are more easy colours to work into your wardrobe if you aren't the one for bold colours.

Trousers- New look 

What is your fashion statement? let me know in the comments