Friday, 15 April 2016

Inspirational stories #1

I decided to start a brand new blog series: inspirational stories. I think it would be a brilliant idea to showcase people's life and show their determination and hope; which also could help other people out that might be in the same situation.  The main moral to this blog series is that everyone no matter what have a story.  

To kick off this blog series I wanted, to begin with, Megan's story; she's such an inspirational young lady and I think she could inspire many others with the attitude she has. 

Megan's story

“Secondary school was my most challenging life experience. Everyone labelled me and didn’t get to know me first. I overcame this by coming out of my shell more and showing my true self.
“My mum really inspires me the most in life because when I was born ten weeks early my mum found out that I had cerebral palsy. My mum always taught me not to let it hold me back and live a normal life as possible. 
“I overcome common stereotypes by proving people wrong and succeeding to my full potential.
 “My goals for the future are to go to university and become a primary school teacher.

“My biggest achievement so far has been walking around a little bit of the Astroturf at school for charity, a few months after having surgery.

 “If I had to give advice to people in the same situation as me I would say don’t look at what you can’t do, look at what you can do. I have always been brought up believing that.

 “If you’re not able to do something then always persevere and find a way of working it out, instead of just giving up.

“I express my own individuality by the things I wear and my personality. I have a different outlook on life to others and I do not take life for granted because life is precious.”
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