My experience with braces so far..

Hello everyone welcome back to my blog. Today I wanted to share my experience with braces; I have had braces now for about 4 months and have my own opinion on them. I have always been insecure about my smile as in the picture shown my top teeth were very set back underneath my top two. There are no pictures of me at all smiling with my teeth, so these images are actually a big deal to me.  I first started my journey to straighter teeth back in January and I just had a top brace fitted; the bottom wasn't fitted right away as there wasn't enough room at the time. Flash forward to today and I have finally had my bottom brace fitted.

At the beginning, I was very excited to have my braces fitted because I finally knew I will eventually have teeth to be proud of; instead of being insecure and hiding my smile. Now I know my teeth may not be the most severe case you've ever seen but they still bothered me personally.

So, does it hurt to have your braces fitted?

Having your braces fitted is a simple and quick procedure with just a matter of glueing. A couple of hours after you may experience a bit of aching; which can be solved by taking painkillers, other than that it's pretty easy.  At first, I did experience a little bit of rubbing while I was getting used to them, but I used some orthodontic wax and placed it on the bracket that was rubbing and it really soothed it.

Tightening of braces: When the day arrives for your braces to be tightened don't be scared; all it involves is replacing your wire for a thicker tighter one. Like having your braces fitted you might experience a little bit of aching after but painkillers will soothe this.

Tips for people who are new to braces

When I was new to braces I constantly worried about getting food stuck in my brace; to avoid this I recommend carrying a mirror and some travel mouthwash. I also use interdental brushes which are little brushes which fit between your wires to remove any leftover food.

Orthodontic wax!! This was a must for me when I was new to braces; you can buy the wax from Boots or your orthodontist. The wax is placed on the bracket which is causing you discomfort and instantly soothes the annoying rubbing.

Whitening toothpaste: I always use whitening toothpaste because as you know it's very easy for teeth to get stained when wearing braces; using a whitening toothpaste definitely prevents this happening.

Timer: I always use a timer to time myself brushing my teeth. You should be told to brush your teeth three times a day, two minutes top and bottom. The timer really helps and reassures you're brushing them long enough.

Disclosing tablets: These are amazing, they are tablets that are chewed then spat out and stain your teeth purple to show the plaque remaining on your teeth; once the purple staining is gone you know the plaque has gone. Ta-dah, you have  perfectly clean teeth!

I hope this post helps any people worried about braces and if you have any tips I haven't mentioned let me know in the comments.
Lauren x