Going out makeup: black smokey eye

Hello everyone, I'm back again! (yay). Today, as you can tell by the title and image I will be showing you how to recreate a deep, black smokey eye. A black smokey eye is a gorgeous look for a night out, so get practicing now! Now, I am no professional and I may be making a few mistakes and taking different approaches, but this is my approach feel free to adjust it to your own.

Step 1

1.  Make sure you apply eye primer or concealer and powder if you do not have a primer.

2. Tape!! this will be your secret weapon apply tape at the end of your eye lining it up with the end of your brow in a diagonal position, so you get that clean crisp line with your eyeshadow; just like a professional!

3. Don't finish your base makeup completely, as you may get you may get downfall from your eyeshadow!

Step two 

1. Before jumping right into the base colour, apply a matte brown to the crease to act as a transitional colour so everything blends nicely. (I chose this matte brown Kiko shadow)

2. You will need this shadow again towards the end just to deepen the transitional shade and make it look blended and smokey.

Step three

(Morphe 35W palette available to buy on BeautyBay.com)

1. Apply the  matte black shadow carefully and slowly, add a small amount and blend - keep doing this until you're satisfied with the amount of colour.

2.  Apply black sparkly shadow over the top to add sparkle!

3. Deepen the crease with some more of the matte brown shade.

4. Add a small cat flick with liquid eyeliner and apply a pencil eyeliner to your waterline.

5. Apply some of the black shadow to your bottom lash line to deepen the eyeliner.

6. Apply mascara and false lashes of your choice - ta-dah you're done!


I hope this tutorial helped in some way and thank-you for reading, see you soon!