New hair: I went light and here's how you can do it!

Monday, 27 June 2016

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Hi, everyone welcome back, again. So, as you can tell, I have light hair again! I have had my hair many, many colours in my time; the most common one is dark to light. I am always dying my hair dark and then lightening it again. I have had my hair dark for quite a while now, so I thought it was time for a change. I did this all at home, which is very   risky, so make sure you do your homework and know what you're slapping on to your head!

How I lightened my locks for the hundredth time (exaggeration I know but you get the point haha)

Step 1.  BLEACH! yes, this will dry your hair out and make it a little unpleasant. My advice to you would be to make sure you pamper your hair beforehand; coat it in coconut oil, trust me your hair will really thank you for it. Anyway, back to the bleaching process, I used Loreal's bleaching kit (Buy here) Now this claims to lighten up to 6 shades. My hair was very dark, as you can see below. My hair went very light but extremely ORANGE! I didn't panic too much as I have encountered this problem many times and it's something that happens when you lighten your hair unfortunately from a dark colour.

Step 2: Getting rid of the orange!   With a little advice from my auntie,  who is a hairdresser I managed to control it. She told me to put an ash based colour to correct orange tones, and it totally worked! I ended up putting one more colour on after the ash colour because I wanted more of a lighter result. The dark blonde hair dye was the finished result and I am very pleased with it.

When you're lightening your hair you should always be patient and stay calm. Youtube tutorials are very handy when you have encountered problems - there are lots of  solutions on there to help you out.

After I finished the lightening process and reached the colour I desired, I conditioned my locks ALOT. I applied a lot of coconut oil; this stuff will be your best friend ever when bleaching your hair!

I hope this helped  any of you out there who are wanting to lighten your hair. It's very achievable to do it at home without spending a fortune. If you were to go a very light blonde, I would really recommend to do that in stages, to keep your healthy locks . Eventually, I plan on going lighter with highlights but it's all in time as I don't want my hair to be ruined. 

What do you think of my new hair? Let me know in the comments.